10 things we remember
about Nokia 3310

The Nokia 3310 phone is back!

It is certainly the most iconic phone of the 2000’s. Compact, small, user savvy, the Nokia 3310 was a little revolution in the life of millions of people in the world. Do you remember how this little gem worked? With today’s cutting edge devices and millions of apps answering our every need, it is actually hilarious to remember how our habits have changed! 

As Nokia is bringing it back in store on May 31, Stylight selected 10 things that you might have forgotten about the Nokia 3310, and that might put a smile on your face.

A Revolutionary Phone

Everything starts in the new century. The Nokia 3310 was launched by Nokia in the year 2000 and became a lot of people’s first cell phone ever. At the time it brought people freedom and independance, and generated 126 million sales. Communication was transformed and SMS became a whole new way to communicate. At the time, emojis did not exist -some would actually spend hours designing themselves using special characters-, and the phone would not let us write long messages, which often forced us to use abbreviations and even a new “vocabulary”; but this robust phone remains amazing in many ways. Indeed, its 900mAh removable battery, could last 55 hours standby. In today’s world when we find it hard to spend a day without charging our smartphones, that sounds like forever ! Today it remains an indestructible phone that we could drop up to 50 meters without damaging it. But despite talking and texting the “brick” phone offered games, or should we say The game ? According to the Guiness World Records 2010 Gamer’s edition, Snake is the most played game on earth with 1 billion people playing it over the years. But this incredibly hard game is not the only joy of having a Nokia 3310, indeed, the device enalbled us to actually compose our own music using the keyboard.

It's Coming Back

The one of a kind phone is coming back in stores. With such a success and millions of users feeling nostalgic about the good old day, this would definitely be a big hit. What can we expect from the new Nokia release ? A colored screen and a l2MP camera 2.5G connectivity but it also be cheap 59€, a perfect secondary phone purchase and a basic internet connectivity apparently enabling you to use simplified versions of Facebook or Twitter. The new version will also enable you to listen to music you would put on a micro SD. Most importantly, the Nokia 3310 will enable users to play Snake again!

What have you missed the most about the Nokia 3310?